Saturday, June 27, 2009

Caramel Macchiato

A perfect coffee can be a perfect start for your morning in the office, especially if you feel a bit slow but having so many things to be done in the end of the week (Fri or perhaps Wed?).

Regular hot coffee latte or hot cappucino might not be the best solution (in fact, its soothing effect will even slower your day). I tried Iced Caramel Macchiato the other day for my morning (upsized from tall to grande, thanks to BCA).

What I like about this beverage is firstly the presentation of two layer of the signatured expresso and milk on top of it, plus a buttery caramel sauce (it's only 190 cals for this 16oz coffee, no worries la ya...).

The expresso really make it distictive with vanila flavour, and does energize, not only my morning, but also the whole day. I had 3 meetings at 10am, 1pm and 3pm, all of which accompanied by this grande coffee (not three cups, only by this one cup!)

Nice combination:
Try its breakfast selection, hot chicken sandwich with apple, raisin and spinach. Despite of its large portion (around 8x4.5cm), it's considered healthy for having abundant spinach, little square cheese on top of the bread, sliced of sweet apple and raisins spreaded randomly inside. Yummy!!!!
(*written by vera makki -

Cappucino Blast

This is one of my favorite drink, coming from my children's fav ice cream, baskin robbins. Although a bit expensive, cappucino blast offers a mouthwatering coffee blended with its vanila ice cream. Personally I believed there are two things that make this coffee strikes your palate. First, the coffee powder it has. Second, the classic vanila ice cream found in 1945. Perfect blend!

I've ever tried to mix the blast with another flavour, which was the most fav and sought after jamaica almond fudge. Don't ever try. Gak keruan rasanya :)
Sometimes I'm unsure whether it can be called a coffee, since the flavour is so much into vanila and very little of caffeine (but the taste is so damn good!). Positively, perhaps that's the reason why I have no fear to share the drink with my 6 and 2.5 y.o children. Bukan kopi tubruk, gak papa dong...
At the end of the day, let's not think of it too hard (this is special case).
Enjoy the fresh cappucino blast! (*written by vera makki -

Friday, June 26, 2009


Coffee lovers who want to play a bit with their tongue may try this new item Strawpuccino by Tamani. It's made by one shot expresso with one scoop strawberry ice cream, plus to minimize guilty feeling of this guilty pleasure, it comes with a strawberry fruit to balance your healthy intake, haha.

The coffee comes with additional sugar syrup but I believe that it will be too much since the ice cream contains hi-sugar already. Better not put additional syrup on it.

Taste is good, the flavour of the coffee remains unexpectedly strong (I thought it's gonna be too sweet). In fact, it leaves a bit bitter in my mouth (which is good) and that's probably due to the quality of the coffee itself. Tamani just recently changes the coffee supplier from Illy to d'angelo from Italy (

It's quite worth the price of Rp. 22.900,-
(*written by vera makki -