Friday, June 26, 2009


Coffee lovers who want to play a bit with their tongue may try this new item Strawpuccino by Tamani. It's made by one shot expresso with one scoop strawberry ice cream, plus to minimize guilty feeling of this guilty pleasure, it comes with a strawberry fruit to balance your healthy intake, haha.

The coffee comes with additional sugar syrup but I believe that it will be too much since the ice cream contains hi-sugar already. Better not put additional syrup on it.

Taste is good, the flavour of the coffee remains unexpectedly strong (I thought it's gonna be too sweet). In fact, it leaves a bit bitter in my mouth (which is good) and that's probably due to the quality of the coffee itself. Tamani just recently changes the coffee supplier from Illy to d'angelo from Italy (

It's quite worth the price of Rp. 22.900,-
(*written by vera makki -

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  1. Anonymous1:44 AM

    Tar gw coba dech... yang deket aja tuh di plasa BSD. Yuuukkk... - Laura