Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cappucino Blast

This is one of my favorite drink, coming from my children's fav ice cream, baskin robbins. Although a bit expensive, cappucino blast offers a mouthwatering coffee blended with its vanila ice cream. Personally I believed there are two things that make this coffee strikes your palate. First, the coffee powder it has. Second, the classic vanila ice cream found in 1945. Perfect blend!

I've ever tried to mix the blast with another flavour, which was the most fav and sought after jamaica almond fudge. Don't ever try. Gak keruan rasanya :)
Sometimes I'm unsure whether it can be called a coffee, since the flavour is so much into vanila and very little of caffeine (but the taste is so damn good!). Positively, perhaps that's the reason why I have no fear to share the drink with my 6 and 2.5 y.o children. Bukan kopi tubruk, gak papa dong...
At the end of the day, let's not think of it too hard (this is special case).
Enjoy the fresh cappucino blast! (*written by vera makki -

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  1. Anonymous1:39 AM

    Hi Vera, this is Laura your neighbour. You make me wanna try the cap blast. Surely the ice cream is yummy, that wud be an added value to the cappucino.