Monday, July 06, 2009

The new coffee at Bakmi GM

Who doesn't like Bakmi GM? I'm a big fan of Bakmi GM since I was a teenager. Recently it started to expand its menu collection by offering bubble coffee. Sadly to say, they need to improve the taste, it's not worth the expensive price nor the flavour. I tried the coffee at Bakmi GM Mal Ambassador while having a small meeting. We continued the meeting at the office, I was decided to change the coffee with Pak Eman's. Better I pay pak Eman the same amount of money rather than buying it at Bakmi GM. No need to think twice on that.

I hope Bakmi GM improves its quality of coffee. I believe it won't be too difficult. Just meeting the standard of good coffee will be ok at this stage, at least not offering low quality of coffee as it's not acceptable for a big brand like Bakmi GM. Awaiting... (*written by vera makki -


  1. Anonymous1:40 AM

    let us know when the taste gets better - Laura.

  2. I only like home-made coffee that is made by Kapal Api.