Sunday, September 20, 2009

One Day in Makassar - Phoenam

Warung Kopi yang satu ini emang dahsyat! Phoenam coffee has spreaded its wing by opening new outlets at some areas including mal, but the ambiance remains different when we're going to its original place in a simple 'ruko' with just ordinary guests.

I went there in the morning, and at the moment I got out from my car, I could sensed strong coffee fragrant that increased my mood without any delays (Padahal masih di lapangan parkirnya bo!) Well, entering the store, there were couple of small tables and several guests who looked like having frequent breakfast meeting with close friends. Feels that the place was warm welcoming us.

My Makassar's cousin warned me to drink coffee with milk otherwise my heart will beat harder just in case am one of those people who are not really a friend of caffeine. Then I followed.
The moment I sip the coffee with milk, my God, it taste soooooo greatttt! Yes, it was very strong, but they could mix it with milk just right. My husband drank it with rare egg to boost energy. (can I say yuck!!! ????). Kali-kali aja pada mau nyoba.

One thing for sure is that, you need to have extra time when having this activity, and preferably in the morning. Paling enak 'nyeruput' kopi ini sedikit-sedikit sambil ngobrol. I don't know exactly the caffeine level of this coffee, but by experience, I can tell it's pretty strong in which you want to drink it slowly (plus, on the right moment, with the right companions.)

And hey, can't believe the price, it's only Rp.11rb. Worth it (*written by vera makki -

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