Monday, November 28, 2011

For Fast, Relaxing Meeting

Grand Indo is too big. Grand Indo is too complicated. I used to be confused with East Mall and West Mall. The layout of this 'grand' mall can actually be simplified, somehow. If can avoid having a meeting or shopping at Grand Indo, I'd rather to do that.

However, there are occassions that forced me to visit this place, whether I like it or not. Mostly is job related: press conference, visiting an 'ice cream' cafe from my previous employer, and guess what, thought one of my best friend's office is at Grand Indo, so she likes to invite us to have lunch there (terpaksa, hahaha). My usual question when having an appointment there: East or West? Hey, I don't have luxurious time to searching around in such big stores.

Well then ... I began to be familiar with this place, as much as I started to love Level One and a Thamrin street view from Social House. It's still quite painful when having a meeting at level 3, jauh benerrrr (or even they have level 3A, to add a complication, well, that's another story of not using number 4 like most buildings do).

My point of sharing this story is, I found a new coffee shop which location is perfecto! When we arrive at main lobby East Mall, turn right and not far from there, you will find Illy Coffee Shop on the left side. The place is cozy and not so many people walking around those areas. It's perfect for reading books or a relaxing meeting. What I like from this spot are some cute details in serving the customers. Illy Coffee itself, you know, has an undoubtful taste, no one will complain about it.

Oh by the way, when proposing a meeting in Grand Indo with the owner of one PR Consultant (see... from avoiding, now proposing, can u believe that?), she said, "Duuuhh, jangan di situ deh, aku kuper nih, nda biasa ke sana, gede banget, gak hafal....". I can feel you, but hey, don't give up. Let's have a meeting in East Mall, Illy Coffee*

*bukan iklan ya jo... not a paid article.

(written by Vera Makki -

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